About us

ELTRAS d.o.o. is a family-owned business employing around 30 people. The company was founded in 1977 as the “Ključavničarstvo Klemenšek” private company. A few years later, the "ELTRAS proizvodnja transportne opreme in trgovina d.o.o." company was established due to the expansion of the production programme, and this is the company that is today present on both the domestic and foreign markets.

We have at our disposal over 2000 square meters of production areas that are equipped with all the necessary machinery for the manufacture of various mechanical components used in the field of manufacturing process automation. Our machinery fleet includes a complete assortment of processing machinery, ranging from classic (lathes, milling machines, hydraulic shears, a hydraulic bending machine) to CNC processing machines; it allows us to handle large and complex workpieces.

In addition to individual machines manufactured according to our own documentation or the plans of our clients, we also take on completed deals according to the “fully-functional turn-key" principle, where we first cooperate with the client to resolve the technological requirements and then do the rest ourselves; this involves: design, execution, installation and test-runs. In extensive and more demanding projects, we link up with established companies, especially in the area of software and hardware for computer guided automated production.

In 2006 in Zemun, Serbia, the ELTRAS-IN company was established, whose sole owner is the ELTRAS d.o.o. company.  The purpose of this company is primarily the expansion of the production programme to the markets of the Balkan countries.